Saturday 17th January 2009

There was a piece on one of the national papers the other day that the journalist claimed had been barked to him by a dog. Well all I can say is that in writing it he didn’t convey much of the dog’s personality. Let the dog write for himself, rather than this silly nonsense of claiming to understand his barks. What is it with humans? Why do they think they have to take over everything? They seem to have this superiority complex that makes them think they can do things better than we animals can. Well I’ve got news for you. We’re not as stupid as you think. Although when I come to think of it, he did claim to have been talked to by a Jack Russell and in my experience they are not only as stupid as you think but considerably more stupid, so maybe the journalist did quite well to pick up anything at all.

When my Mistress went to London the other day, she came home to say she had a better understanding of those times that I get the call of the wild. There are times as you know, when given half a chance I would go off for a bit of a walk on my own and do a bit of exploring. Well she felt like that when she got to King’s Cross station. It wasn’t helped by reading a book in which the bloke was on the Orient Express, but she looked longingly at St Pancras Station and just thought that maybe it would be nice to get on another train and not actually go to her meeting. Given that she arrived home at the time we expected her, I am presuming that she did not carry through with her idea. I think she’d rather take me with her anyway.