Sunday 18th January 2009

It’s almost worth going on a diet so that we can try it out. Apparently, you can take a pet on the London Underground as long as you can carry it in your arms on the escalator. I’m game if my Mistress is. I’ve never been on an escalator. I refused the only time I had the chance, although I’d have probably done it then if she had been prepared to carry me. Who in their right mind stands on something that is trying to get away from them the whole time? I’ve been in lifts and I go up and down stairs all the time now, but I have never yet been tempted to try an escalator. I’d forgotten how long it took me to master stairs until I wrote that. At least the puppy will have the advantage of carpeted stairs which are not only less slippy, but are also softer when you do end up slithering down several steps by mistake.

After everything my Mistress has told me about it, I’m not really sure I’d like the Underground. I’d probably be quite keen on all the smells, which is one of the things my Mistress doesn’t like, but there would be too high a risk of having my tail trodden on, or my paw. People don’t really watch out for those of us who move at nearer to ground level. I guess it’s the same for children really.

I think if I were allowed to do some of my own tunnelling as part of the travel programme, I might rather enjoy it. Maybe that’s the answer when they next need a tunnel dug. They should invite all the dogs from Battersea Dogs Home to do the digging for them. It would give them a day out and a bit of fun and get a useful job done at the same time.