Saturday 20th December 2008

It turns out the old adage needs to be changed. It isn’t just the rest of the year than Christmas that dogs need to be worried about, it’s recession. Dogs are being turned out onto the street because their owners can’t afford to keep them, abandoned just before the festive season. Would they turn their granny out? Thinking about it, it may be best not to answer that one. You have to wonder how far they would actually go. Turning a dog out to fend for itself is cruel. Turning a cat out is cruel but they are pretty good at catching their own food. Turning a rabbit out may come as a relief, rather than it having to live life behind bars. What worries me is the people with pet tarantulas. Oh it’s been funny having a craze for buying toy tarantulas that look life like and can move along, but what about the real thing? In recession is there are a risk of tarantulas, stick insects, lizards and ferrets being turned loose? In all honesty I don’t think the stick insect would survive and the ferret wouldn’t be a real problem but the tarantula! It’s not a happy thought.

Leaving the tarantula’s aside, which is always best, this Christmas when you are thinking of charity, spare a can of dog food for the little fellas with big brown eyes that have fallen victim to hard times. If you can, go one step further and invite one to share your Christmas lunch. They don’t ask for much and you know the kids always leave food on their plates that they can’t eat. For reference, we prefer the meat to the vegetables but can be quite partial to a bit of cauliflower and carrot. Don’t forget we like pudding too.