Sunday 7th December 2008

I am pleased to say that I have not had a training session inflicted on me while I’m here this time. In that regard, being here has given me a bit a break, seeing as my Mistress insists on training me when we go out walking. We sat reminiscing about our lovely walks back in Belgium the other day. I was rather spoilt to have a bridleway immediately outside the back gate. When you grow up with something, you just assume that everywhere is like that, a little naïve but there you go.

I have been thinking about how to capitalise on snowy weather. I think the answer to set up my own dog-sledding service. I could provide transport round the village to those who find it too slippery to walk. I could just provide a service to my Mistress to get her to the pub and home again. I don’t think I could pull my Master at the same time, but it is near enough to do it in two runs. I could manage two small children at the same time, as long as they sat still. Although I don’t suppose small children would be going to the pub.

I was talking to the other dogs about new year’s resolutions. It turns out that most dogs don’t make any. The only answers I got suggested that they weren’t taking me very seriously. One suggested he was aiming to steal more scraps and another said he was hoping to be more disobedient. Whatever happened to dogs aspiring to a better more successful life? I would have hoped some of them might want to learn to read and write or maybe to become financially independent. Given the current economic situation there may be a lot of families hoping their pet is going to start contributing to the household budget. Perhaps I could charge for sleigh rides.