Thursday 27th November 2008

It’s funny. All the advice on writing a book says fill it with action rather then thoughts. However, in my diary when I tell you what I do, you’re interested, but when I tell you what I think, suddenly you all become very interested. It also seems the more outrageous in human terms that my demands become, the more interested you are to read it. Maybe you’re just checking up to make sure I’m sticking with thinking about it rather than actually doing anything.

Well I’m even less impressed with the chancellor for the VAT change now that I’ve understood the details. To summarise, for 13 months I can save a very small amount of money on my toys and games, but bones will probably be the same price. I’ll only save if the companies pass the saving on to me, rather than keep prices the same and keep the benefit themselves. In fairness to them, they are probably going to need to keep the saving to cover the cost of the changes, not just once, but twice in just over a year.

This is not what it appears. Far from being a tax cut, it is actually a revenue increase. You may wonder how I arrive at that conclusion. In my humble opinion, it is just a way to make sure businesses get it wrong and are therefore subject to fines raised by the VAT man for making a mistake.

Oh you may have thought that the idea of my Pet Dogs Democratic Party running the country was a ridiculous one before, but come on, be honest, do you really think a country run by dogs would be any more confusing? You would be able to rely on plenty of naps, and eating being very high on our list of priorities. It would no longer be socially unacceptable to have a good scratch in public and there would be a rapid end to the British reserve with everyone being encouraged to have a good sniff at each other as introduction. Doesn’t seem such a stupid idea now, does it?