Tuesday 14th October 2008

The delayed summer seems to have given way to autumn and the weather has turned the miserable grey that my Mistress has warned me I could look forward to. I tried claiming it was a lot better in Belgium, but she knows I’m kidding myself as she was there too and to be quite honest it was much the same. Perhaps not quite as grey, at least that is the impression I have been left with.

The most interesting thing I found about today is that it is the 954th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. At least it was something that as a dog I had heard about. Sadly I didn’t discover whether any of the parties involved in the battle were escorted by their faithful friends or whether they left little four paws pining at home for their absent masters, some of whom were destined never to return. The more nonchalant among them may have taken to the battle field to chase rabbits to amuse themselves until the carnage was over and they could decide whether there was anyone left alive that they fancied going home with.

There is a place near where we live, where almost the whole village has gone up for sale. You wouldn’t think there were many villages that came under single ownership anymore. If you’ve got in excess of £12.5million, you can now buy over 2000 acres of land, half the village houses and farms and the Green. Obviously as a dog, I am concerned that land that includes a number of nice lanes to walk on should end up in the right paws. I wondered whether I could pull together a consortium of dogs to buy it with me, to safeguard our important peeing spots. If we each put in a bit of our bone money, we might be able to make an offer. It’s a shame I can’t get the title Lord of the Manor to go with it, although the manor is now a hotel and I don’t think they would be all that happy for me to move in.