Monday 22nd September 2008

We had a great time yesterday playing with Andy’s remote control buggy. We all took on different roles. Andy was in charge of steering. The sheep took the roles of worried bystanders and I tried to round the buggy up. In the end we left the sheep to it and took the buggy up the road to our new house, where there’s a better drive for that sort of a game. I took the opportunity to explore my new territory. The boundaries are not secure yet, so I end up being kept on a lead. Even then, I tried to investigate what would happen if I just squeezed my body through the fence into our neighbours’ garden, but my Mistress wouldn’t let me go right through. I think there may be some serious reinforcement of the fences before I’m allowed to explore as much as I’d like to.

It’s only two weeks until I go to stay with my grandparents and have the chance to go to the pet’s service as the church where my Master and my Mistress got married. At the moment, my Mistress favours taking me, but there are some dissenting voices. The general concern is what will happen if there is a Jack Russell there. It’s a fair point. Faced with a Jack Russell even I can’t promise to behave myself. She still thinks we should give it a try, but she’s going to have her work cut out persuading the rest of the family. Maybe she could take me on her own.

Why when you smell food cooking does it make you hungry? There are some smells that do it more than others, with bacon obviously coming at the top of the list, but as the chicken cooked yesterday I started begging for some long before it was likely to be ready. You’ve got to have dreams.