Sunday 7th September 2008

I’m sitting here with my legs folded, tapping my paw saying ‘I told you so’ watching my Mistress still trying to fix my computer. Funnily enough it isn’t going down very well. She keeps saying things like ‘well it almost works’ and ‘just go away with you. I’m more likely to do this if you leave me alone’. But what I say is ‘where’s the fun in that?’ If a dog can’t sit and gloat then what can he do?

At the moment there seems to be no limit to my smugness. Concluding that the weather is now unlikely to improve, my Mistress said that to give herself a little more space she would pack away her summer clothes in a suitcase and make room for her winter clothes. On the face of it this seems quite reasonable, even to a dog. Unfortunately life is never quite as simple as you’d like. She began to think about where her winter clothes were. Then all of a sudden she remembered. At the point she was packing all her winter clothes away they were just putting the furniture from our old house into storage, because we are short of space where we are now. My Mistress in one of her ‘brighter’ moments, thought it would be a good idea to put her winter clothes into storage with them. After all, the plan was to have it all redelivered to the new house this month. The logic is basically sound, had they not changed their mind about which house they were buying and decided to do an extension before moving in. It means that everything won’t come out of store until after the extension, including my Mistress’s winter clothes. She now estimates she will next see them in time for next summer! So this winter, whilst I have the benefit of a fur coat, my Mistress will be sporting short sleeved tee shirts and shorts.