Tuesday 2nd September 2008

It was amazing while we were away. Humans are such strange creatures. They remember things but have this condescending, patronising attitude towards animals, assuming they aren’t as clever as them. ‘Does he remember where he is?’ It’s a bit like the way they talk across someone in a wheelchair, ‘Does he take sugar?’ Why when someone’s legs don’t work do other humans immediately assume it will have affected their brains too?

Anyway, back to my own situation, of course I bloody remember. They soon realised I did, when put my hackles straight up when I saw Coco, the dog who bit me and when I had to pee on every last bush and tree to say that I was back. The funniest bit was when we were going to the vet to have my health check for the journey home. I was walking with my Mistress when I suddenly realised where we were going. Well I just stopped, plonked my delicate little bottom on the ground and said ‘You’re joking, right?’ It turned out she wasn’t and I begrudgingly dawdled the rest of the way.

Going to the vet did come with one bonus. The lovely vet reassured my Mistress that I am not over-weight. I couldn’t wait to get back to tell my Master. I jumped up and down and said ‘See, I can still have scraps, I’m fine.’

Most of all the trip has made me realise how much I miss Elvis. Best friends are very special and not easily replaced. He’s likely to be moving back to America within the next year, I just hope my Mistress takes me back to Belgium to see him again before he goes. He’s not a great one for writing and it would be so sad never to see him or hear from him again.