Saturday 30th August 2008

Surely I was never as small as that was I? The puppies are so tiny and absolutely gorgeous. I can’t believe that those tiny little things are actually my brothers and sisters. Mum is very proud of them. I think Esther might be a little bit jealous, she didn’t say much while I was there but the puppies are adorable. I started asking if I could bring one home now, but my Mistress explained it was just the same as when I was a puppy and I couldn’t travel to England. She has promised that I can have one soon, just not yet.

With seeing my family and then getting to see Elvis and some of my human friends I really have had a lovely time. I was starting to think it was pretty near perfect until my Mistress said it was time to go to see my old friend the vet. It’s so long since I have travelled backwards and forwards to England, I’d forgotten the rigmarole I have to go through to be allowed to go home. It didn’t used to feel as bad having to do it to visit another country, but to be allowed back into my own home, it seems a bit much.