Friday 29th August 2008

It is amazing being back here. My woods are just as I left them. In fact apart from the fact that there is someone else living in our house, just about everything is exactly as I left it. It has been quite something to be able to pee on all my favourite spots again. We’re off to see my Mum this afternoon and then coming back for a bar b q for my Mistress’s birthday. I didn’t get a present for her but I did give her an extra-special hug this morning and told her I think she’s the best mistress any dog could ever have. I may be a little biased, but she’s pretty good to me.

We have all had the chance to say what we’d like to do tomorrow, just the little things that we miss about living in Belgium. My Master wants to go to ‘Mr Drinks’ to buy some Belgian beer to take home. My Mistress wants to go to Del Haize to stock up on marzipan, which to be fair was my fist choice too, but I’m not allowed into that supermarket so I have to wait outside. Then I suddenly said “Oo oo, I know what I want to do. Can I go to the supermarket that sells my food?” It’s the DIY store really, but I think of it as a doggy supermarket and I’m allowed to go in and choose what I want, rather than sitting outside. My Master said he was happy with that suggestion, so it looks like everyone is happy. Andy likes the sweets they sell in both Mr Drinks and Hubo (my supermarket) so he wasn’t arguing.