Tuesday 12th August 2008

Well we’ve been north and now we are going south. I said we could go back to old fashioned navigation and follow the stars but my Mistress pointed out that that would be a bit difficult to do whilst travelling during daylight. She also pointed out that our pathetic knowledge of the position of the constellations might prove just a tiny drawback. I realised she was probably right and spent my day pawing over the map. It looks as though the wide bits of water are mainly in the north and we can now enjoy some barely navigable rivers with fewer places to stop. I said I was only prepared to go along with the plan as long as she would give me some pocket money to spend in the amusement arcades in Great Yarmouth. Unfortunately she pointed out that I didn’t have much choice but to go along with the plan as I was sitting on the boat and it was already moving in that direction. My alternative, as she so generously pointed out would be to swim to shore. Life jacket or no life jacket, she knows full well that there is no likelihood of my deliberately choosing to get my paws wet.

I do hope that dogs are allowed in the amusement arcades. I don’t want to be left out. I rather thought I could do that whilst the others went to paddle in the sea. What is it with humans and water?