Sunday 13th July 2008

Well after several days of an upset tum, I went to see my friend the vet. I apologised profusely for interrupting her weekend when it was my own fault for eating something I shouldn’t, but she was very nice about it. She gave me an antibiotic injection and told me to take it easy for a couple of days. “As opposed to what?” I asked, but I don’t think she understood that I take it easy most days. I really must learn to read the ingredients on the packets more carefully or stop having human food scraps. Ok, I definitely need to read the packets more carefully. You wouldn’t think that a roast potato out of a packet of frozen food was going to contain onion, but it did and I’ve paid the price. To be fair my Owners have paid most of the price as they’re the ones who have to clean up after me. It’s left me feeling a bit tired too but the sympathy and attention is more than making up for that. I even left my breakfast yesterday until half way through the afternoon and I wasn’t even trying to pretend that I’m a normal teenager.

Where my Granny lives there are some old buildings being knocked down. It turns out that some bats that were living in them have moved into the church where Granny goes. The sad bit is that the bats are a bit misguided and whilst they got the general idea right, in looking for refuge in the belfry of a church, they’ve accidentally moved into the Methodist church, which doesn’t have a belfry, rather then the Anglican Church down the road. I wonder if the hymn singing will give them a clue that they’re in the wrong place.