Saturday 12th July 2008

Truth it seems is considerably stranger than fiction. It was funny enough that my Mistress decided that as it wasn’t raining she would do the 10 minute walk from the station to her hotel on foot the other day; an episode which finished with a closed bridge, a diversion and a downpour soaking her to the skin. However, it was what she saw at the station that really got her thinking. In a cubicle of the ladies toilets, standing neatly with their toes towards to the wall, next to the toilet itself, were a pair of size 4, black, high heeled court shoes, with little bows on the front. What intrigued my Mistress was that a woman who was small enough and delicate enough to wear them would have found it very difficult to climb on to the rather high, bowed in cistern to get out of the window that was open above. And why would they want to do it anyway? There may of course be a far more boring explanation but escaping from the window is definitely the one I favour.

My Mistress has invested in a new piece of equipment. She seems under the mistaken impression that if she owns an up to date sewing machine then this might make her use it. You only have to look in the garage at all the fancy equipment that my Master has bought to realise that there is a serious flaw in the logic of this particular plan. I am prepared to stake my next bowl of dog food that the new sewing machine will gather almost as much dust as the old hand machine that is so heavy she can barely lift it. I am going to line up all my damaged toys and cushions in the hope they will all get repaired. I  wonder if I can find the ear that Miffy lost?