Wednesday 9th July 2008

I am bright enough to understand that cars arriving at the field over the road can mean it’s dog training. Sadly I am not bright enough to be able to tell the difference between the days of the week. I either need to learn fairly quickly that dog training is only on a Monday night and if something happens on a Tuesday that does not mean there is more dog training. It’s either learn or find myself signed up to be a cub scout. The latter being what was actually happening last night when I spent an hour bugging the boss to take me over the road. I did say I might look good in the uniform but by that stage my Mistress was heartily sick of my whining.

It was disconcerting on our walk yesterday to have my Mistress receive a text message and promptly ask me if I was feeling all right. I said that except for a little summer hair loss and the need for an extra treat now and again I was fine. It turned out the message was to tell her that my battery was running low. I pointed out that it wasn’t actually my battery, it was the gps and if she had any ideas about plugging me into the mains then she could think again. On a serious note I was concerned that if I should get lost at that point then she wouldn’t be able to find me, which backfired just slightly when she told me that that made it a good time to practice walking to heel.

I am alarmed to discover that my Mistress is going away for the night and leaving us three boys in the house unsupervised. I’m hoping that James will be in charge of the cooking, otherwise I shall have to hide until the smoke clears.