Sunday 6th July 2008

It’s quite scary as you get older and you start to realise that there is a difference between how others see us and how we see ourselves. I was in the exercise yard yesterday when a young puppy came in. I went up to him and said that ‘we youngsters needed to stick together’ and he just looked at me as though I was stupid. Well naturally I asked if there was something wrong and he said, “But you’re so old.” Well what could I say? I suppose I’m now more than two and a half years old but I still think of myself as a puppy. As a puppy you can get away with all sorts of behaviours that you don’t want to be held responsible for. I know that a human who has reached their late teens doesn’t wish they were still a small child but it’s different for dogs. I like all the fuss and attention that I got when I was small. I might be in the prime of my life now, but there are benefits of looking cute. I suppose I’ve got a long way to go before I get to the point of my Mistress. She still looks in the mirror and sees a twenty year old. Now I really don’t know who she thinks she’s fooling but unless she’s really living in the realms of fantasy then I’m probably due to be retrained as a guide dog sometime soon!

I wonder whether I’ll still have to visit the kennels when there are more of us at home. More dogs anyway. I don’t suppose any additional humans would make any difference to whether I visit the kennels. I was just thinking if there are more of us then maybe someone could come and stay at our house to take care of us when we get left out of a birthday party for example. Not that I’m bitter!