Tuesday 1st July 2008

Being at home is every bit as good as I expected. I even persuaded the boss to come to bed early last night so that we could snuggle up under the duvet and watch a film. To be fair she stopped me from getting under the duvet but on top is nearly as good.

When 1 watched films before it was before I’d developed as much of a social conscience. Last night I watched ‘The Firm’ which stars Tom Cruise. What is wrong with the man? Firstly he and his wife in the film have a lovely pet dog and even when he hadn’t seen it for a few days he didn’t make a fuss of it. Poor dog, what kind of owner ignores their pet dog. That was only the beginning. At the end when they drive off into the sunset, they go without the dog. Where is the dog supposed to be at that point? They have left the house for good, they can’t just leave their pet behind. Finally there was a very long list of credits of everyone from the cameraman to the casting agent, to the stars to the extras but absolutely no mention of the dog. This is definitely a matter for the Pet Dogs Democratic Party. As leader of that august body I think I should write to Tom Cruise and send him one of our T Shirts. I maybe ought to watch some more of his films too to make sure this was just a one off lapse and not a recurrent pattern of behaviour.

I think I need to consider my plan of action carefully before taking on the might of the film industry. Besides I wouldn’t want to jeopardise the chance of having a future staring role or selling them my life story.