Friday 27th June 2008

It must be nearly time to go home to the mundane every day occurrences that I take for granted so much until I am deprived of them. I have been deprived of my liberty for quite long enough now. I think I’m starting to go stir crazy. From where I am, I can see a little patch of roof and a little patch of sky and that is pretty much my outlook on the world for much of the day. What I have been wondering is why birds all gather on a particular roof in the early evening? Is it a party that only the birds know about? To be fair if it is it doesn’t look much fun. They haven’t got any music as far as I can tell, unless you include them singing to themselves and I would hardly call some of that squawking music. They just seem to sit there until the roof is completely full and then fly off. Where do they go? Is it like a bird roll call to make sure they are all there?

I’ve been reading a piece in the newspaper that they are thinking of putting age recommendations on books for children. I think they may be overlooking something very important. A dog grows up more quickly than a child. If they put an age of 8-10 on a book that would be just over one year for a dog. They are at risk of alienating a whole section of their market. What about the dog reading masses? Ok so I don’t know many dogs that read widely and I have progressed to adult novels, which as far as I know they aren’t intending to categorise into ‘20s’ ‘30s’ ‘over 50s’ etc. Do you think that there are any books that are best read by the over 80s? If there are is this on the basis that by that time they’ve seen everything and are unlikely to be shocked?