Monday 16th June 2008

It was Father’s Day yesterday. I did my obligatory bounce on my Master just before he was ready to get up. I didn’t bother with a card, since my discovery there isn’t a corresponding dog’s day there didn’t seem a lot of point. My point was reinforced when they went out for lunch without me. My Mistress bumped into a friend of hers who was hastily booking her family in for an evening meal. Her husband was upset that the kids hadn’t remembered father’s day but as she said as they didn’t remember mother’s day, her birthday or Christmas there really wasn’t anything new about it. I don’t know how she guessed but my Mistress was able to work out from that they the children were boys. I’m sure I should be sticking up for the male half of the population but maybe she’s got a point.

There are some strange behaviours going on amongst the bird population of our village. The ducklings seem to have disappeared altogether, which as my Mistress counted 15 of them to begin with, seems a little alarming. I sincerely hope that they haven’t all come to untimely deaths or for that matter appeared anywhere as a menu item. I am supposing that they have just moved to somewhere a little less overcrowded. Quite a few of the ducks have moved to a puddle in a field outside the village. I’m sure it is just a rainwater pond that will disappear when it eventually stops raining for more than 24hours. However, the local heron has taken up position on its banks looking for fish. Do you think I ought to tell him it’s only a puddle or do you think when he can’t find any fish he’ll work it out for himself?