Tuesday 17th June 2008

Am I the only dog that goes completely loopy when I know it’s time for dog training? I even remembered which day it would be this week and when we came back from our walk yesterday wanted to go straight to the field. My Mistress said she refused to wait for 40 minutes for all the other dogs to arrive but I didn’t see it as a problem. We went home and as soon as I heard the first one of my friends to arrive, about 20 minutes before the start I began to whine and run to the front door, then back to my Mistress, then to the front door. She threatened that if we went and I didn’t try to do as I was told then she wouldn’t take me in future. It’s great when telling a kid they can’t go to school is the worst punishment in the world. Granny said it used to be the same with her when she was a child. I would behave when I got there but that isn’t the bit that excites me. I’m beginning to make some good friends amongst the dogs and it just great to see them. The whole ‘heel’, ‘sit’, ‘stay’ thing is just the necessary evil that goes with it. It doesn’t matter that I promise to try, I just forget as soon as I see all the others. To be frank it isn’t all the others, it’s Barney the Golden Retriever. My Mistress has a theory that I see him as my rival for top dog but I’ve never really needed to make an issue of it before. I go crazy as soon as I see him.

I have an email from my new Entlebucher friend yesterday. She’s hurt her leg and her owner has hurt her back so they can’t go out to play much at the moment. I hope they get well soon as I rather liked her and her little Australian friend.