Wednesday 4th June 2008

I don’t see how it’s possible for it to rain that much. If I’ve understood rain correctly then it all starts with being hot enough for moisture to evaporate and go up to form clouds. Well if that’s the case then what I really want to know is who has been having the hot weather and exactly whose water are we getting descending on us in very large quantities? It isn’t as though I like getting my paws wet and dirty. When the weather is like this I just mooch around the house getting under everyone’s feet. I spent a bit of time watching the sheep and they don’t seem to mind, they just carry on as though nothing is happening, climbing up the hedge to eat it. I can’t believe how good they are at climbing up the hedge.

I was supposed to go to see the Entlebcher who lives near here yesterday. She has a new puppy to play with, an Australian Shepherd, they look a bit like us but say ‘G’day’ instead of yodelling. Ok I’m joking, I can’t yodel but I will be disappointed if the puppy doesn’t say ‘g’day’, I won’t even object if she insists on calling me Bruce. Anyway, the point I was making was that my visit was deferred because of the bad weather. There is only so much tearing round someone’s house that you are allowed to do and when it’s too wet to play outside everything gets a bit fraught. My play date has been rearranged for Friday in the hope that it can’t keep raining until then. I know it could keep raining until then but you have to be an optimist and have sunshine in your sights. I’ve got a large gravy covered bone in my sights too but of the two the sunshine is more likely, particularly since I’m not allowed gravy as it makes me just a tiny bit very unwell!