Friday 9th May 2008

After the antics that went on a few weeks ago I suspect that there are one or two mother ducks looking for child support from the mallards. The biggest problem, which is probably a bit rich coming from a dog, is that I don’t think they would know which mallard is the father of which chicks. I wondered about going down to the pond to offer to arrange dna testing for them, but I’m not sure that they would appreciate the intrusion. One mother duck was busy waddling along the verge with six little ducklings running to keep up, whilst another was swimming round the edge skirted by three little ones. I’ve promised not to do any chasing at least until they are big enough for it to be a proper sport.

I am already getting excited about the fact that in a week I shall be meeting up with another Entlebucher for a play and a walk. I can’t believe that there is another one that lives so close to me. It will be so good to meet her. I’m counting off the days.

My mistress has been putting together a cocktail list for the local pub. I asked if I could try them, but she hasn’t included any non-alcoholic ones. I asked if she could name one after me instead and she said she would consider it, although she didn’t think calling a cocktail ‘dog’ would make it sound very appetising. I argued that if people are willing to drink blue cocktails then the name shouldn’t be an obstacle. In any case, have you seen some of the names they give cocktails?!! It’s amazing that anyone takes the risk of drinking them, although in some cases maybe they are just being optimistic.