Thursday 8th May 2008

Well summer seems to have lasted for two days, so I’m guessing that will be our lot for this year. It has been lovely having the back door open so that I can just come in and out as I please. I’ve found some interesting summer smells to roll in too and sadly I’m now being threatened with a bath. We seem to have a variety of grass in our garden that grows particularly quickly. No sooner have we finished cutting it and turned our backs to put the mower away than we find it has grown half an inch while we weren’t looking. My Mistress is getting to the point where she is considering grass cutting as one of her daily chores. At least she is better at that than the marzipan making, which she has also been turning her hand too. First there was the batch that was too oily and if we’re being strictly honest, a bit gritty. I did like it and was prepared to eat it all and it was the best batch so far. Then there was the batch that was held together with maple syrup that was so sickly sweet you just wouldn’t believe. Batch three has gone to the other extreme. Following a recipe she found on the internet, this lot was stuck together with lemon juice. I can only think we need sweeter lemons as this is the only marzipan I have ever come across with a real ‘tang’ too it.

The exciting news is that my sister Esther has started her season earlier than we expected. She is going to meet a boy dog next week; I just hope she likes him. It must be all very strange to know that you are expected to get together like that, what if she’s not in the mood? I wonder what it’s like for the boy dog too, sadly I shall never find out for myself.