Wednesday 7th May 2008

It turns out that selling things on Ebay is as addictive as buying them. My Mistress has even been getting excited about the number of people watching the items she is selling. I tried to point out that unless they actually bid anything they were merely window shopping but she said that if they were looking that seriously she was hoping they might join in the bidding. You have to wonder how someone can get so excited about selling something for £4.20. Now given that we live several miles from the post office, it is going to cost almost that in petrol to go to post them.

It was such a lovely hot day yesterday that we decided to make the most of it, just in case it is the only day of summer we get this year. My Mistress opened lots of windows and left the back door open for me to come in and go out as I pleased. Sadly there was very little breeze. I had rather been relying on that to blow the food off the bird table so that I could get to it. When the day is calm, I have to rely on the scraps that the birds drop for me. Taking scraps from my Mistress is bad enough but when you look at it rationally, accepting scraps from the birds is pitiful. Still I’m a dog and we do things like that.

It was nice to be able to walk without having to dodge quite so many puddles. I suppose that will be a perk that is short lived. The grass behind our house is getting so long from all the water and rain that we are hoping the sheep will be moving in sooner rather than later, to trim it all down.