Monday 5th May 2008

The May Day bank holiday is celebrated all over the place. Well, to be more specific, it is celebrated in many different countries. The holiday celebrates the first of May except in England when the first of May is moved to the fifth to make it more convenient. It makes you wonder how long it will be before New Year’s Day and Christmas Day get moved to the most convenient Monday. Come to that it is only a matter of time before Good Friday is moved to a Monday as well.

Are we spending out day dancing round a May pole? Are we at a village fayre or other such festivity? No. We are spending this delightful Bank Holiday packing up our old house so that the removers can come and take everything off to storage. I wanted to know why I had been brought up not to chew shoes when my Mistress seems to have so many spare pairs. ‘You can’t put that into storage’ I shouted, as I saw one of my blankets disappearing into a box. I know there isn’t any space to put it at out current house but if it goes into storage I might never see it again. I want to keep all my belongings near me, not worry that they might get lost somewhere. My Mistress sat me down and explained that we all feel like that, but there just isn’t room for everything. When I thought about all the boxes I have to keep climbing over, she may have a point and at least if it has gone into storage, there is no risk of it getting confused with the boxes for the car boot sale. As it is we’re going to need an awfully big boot to get them all in.