Sunday 4th May 2008

If it isn’t bad enough being left to imagine how much you are missing out on by not going to a food and drink festival, they came home and told me all about it. Did I want to know that there were lots of foods to test? Did I want to know that lots of other people had taken their dogs with them? While I spent the day twiddling my paws, my Master was trying everything from real ale to pork pie, gingerbread to ginger honey, whilst my Mistress was quite taken with the rum drink. To be fair at least hers was purchased and came home with her, I didn’t so much as get a sniff of the pork pie. They also witnessed some sheep shearing and were concerned that despite the fact that it costs a farmer £1 to get a sheep shorn, he only gets about 15p for the fleece. If I were the sheep I’d object to selling my coat for so little, pure wool coats fetch far more than that in the shops.

I did try to help with the labelling up of everything that needs go to a car boot sale. When I say help, I may have got slightly in the way and nearly caused a breakage or two. Had it not been for my Mistress’s catching skills being better than normal there might have been a whole 50p of goods consigned to the bin. I don’t think I shall be allowed to go to the car boot sale itself, although my Mistress did say they could always put a little sign round my neck saying ‘20p to pat the dog’ – I could make quite a lot of money that way. I thought I was worth more than 20p but she said you don’t get much for anything at a car boot sale.