Wednesday 30th April 2008

Alfie with his mum Anka.

Well it was going to happen sooner or later. My Master ‘accidentally’ told the Belgian bloke he was talking to on the phone that he loved him! Well he’d just dropped James at the stables and said “Bye, love you,” and he’d even remembered to tell my Mistress he loved her a bit earlier. I think what he should have been doing was remembering to tell his faithful dog that he loved him too, but instead he had a phone call from a car garage in Belgium and he finished the conversation with “Bye, love you.” What is that poor Belgian bloke now thinking? My Master now needs to send him a follow up email and is worried he is going to feel let down if the email only finishes with ‘best wishes’. I said he should quit while he still could!

I had a chat with Hector earlier. He is most disgruntled. His Master has worked out how Hector is escaping and has now built the fence up to a greater height. Hector had learnt how to climb over the fence. How cool is that? I asked if he would teach me but it turned out my paws were too big to fit in between the wires and what with weighing so much more than Hector, the fence did start to bow ever so slightly. It was at that point that my Mistress suggested I should find some other mischief to get up to. Humans can be such a boring lot at times. I said she might like to try it but on second thoughts her feet would definitely not fit in the holes. I suppose I ought to behave, there is a food and drink fair on at the weekend that they want to go to and naturally I am hoping to be included. That really isn’t something a dog wants to miss.