Sunday 24th February 2008

I can’t imagine why I agreed to go for a walk with him yesterday afternoon after what he did in the morning. What sort of child beats up Tigger? My mistress had to walk away she was so upset, but it was his Tigger so it was only fair to leave him to it. I think I should have made a stand for Tigger and said I couldn’t bring myself to go for a walk with Andy, as a mark of solidarity with other cuddly beings. I am however a relatively shallow dog and when someone mentioned I would be going to feed the ducks into the bargain all previous misdemeanours of the day were instantly forgiven. Sorry Tigger!

The afternoon walk was just the three of us, my mistress, Andy and me. The others had gone to something scary in the middle of York, a dungeon or something similar. I wasn’t invited to that and Andy didn’t want to go, so my mistress stayed at home to look after the two of us. The bit that confused me about going to feed the ducks was that I couldn’t eat the bread. The ducks were boldly coming right up to my paws and I wasn’t allowed to chase them or eat the bread. How fair is that? Obviously it was fair looked at from the viewpoint of the ducks, but perhaps less fair from my perspective.

Most of the items that Ikea delivered on Friday have now been built. “And where’s the wardrobe for me?” I asked. I know I don’t have many clothes but it would be nice to have felt included. I could have hung my lead and collar up when I came in. I was shown the little hook that has been put up in the utility to do that. It’s hardly the same as having a whole wardrobe of my own!