Tuesday 22nd January 2008

I’m now on my last Tuesday living in Belgium. At least my mistress wants to go for nice long walks to all our favourite places before we go. She has even said she will try to take me to the park on Saturday, although to be fair I think she may be a bit short of time. When you know it won’t be there for ever, you look at special places differently. You breathe the air deeper into your lungs, as though by doing that you can take a little bit of it with you. In my case you pee on more trees to make sure you leave a message of your presence for all those you follow you. Obviously the boss doesn’t do that when we’re out. If this is what a good bye feels like when you are only moving to another country, what must it feel like to someone who only has a limited time to live? I think there may be a lesson in that. At the end of the day we all only have a limited time to live, so perhaps I should breathe more deeply every day and savour my surroundings. Perhaps I should savour my food rather than bolt it down. But hey, I’m a dog. What do you expect? I think I might take the opportunity to go to find my master and mistress and tell them just how much I love them, to be on the safe side.

My master has been making the most of having log fires while he still can too; although, this is partly because he is trying to use up the wood. My mistress is happy to leave the wood for the next people but my master sees it as a personal challenge to use it all.