Wednesday 23rd January 2008

Some days nothing happens and then on others everything seems to happen at once. After the storm on Monday night, which was so bad it caused my mistress to spontaneously swear out loud, there were a couple of trees down on our walk yesterday. I wasn’t put out by the storm. As I said to my master, “If I can cope with living with my mistress, what’s a bit of thunder and lightning?” He was of much the same opinion. The trees on the other paw, were a different matter. I’d peed on those trees. They were important to me. The man cutting them down, in a surreal Belgian moment, offered to sell the chopped wood to my mistress for €20. I thought that owning trees I had actually peed on was a great idea. Sadly, my mistress was being less adventurous and pointed out to me that we are leaving next week and the removals men would be a bit taken aback to find a chopped tree added to the list of things they were moving. Begrudgingly I saw her point.

The whole tree incident happened on the way to the vet. Where to my consternation, not only did he stick a needle into the back of my neck but stuck another thing up my nose. He had covered my eyes after the first injection, so that I couldn’t see it coming. It’s a bit of a shock having something rammed into your nostril when you can’t see it approaching. My mistress reassured me that is all my injections for another year. Then she remembered I will have to have my rabies jab in a couple of months. So much for the reassurance then. I wonder if she forgot any other needles that might be coming my way.