Sunday 13th January 2008

Oh well that’s good news then! Apparently, there is a vet in the village we will be living in, as though that was the most important thing! I was rather hoping for a village butcher that could keep me in bones. There also seems to be a kennels in the next village. I am sure a kennels will be very useful for Sooty to stay in whilst I go away with the family. The bedrooms didn’t look too bad on the internet pictures as long as you don’t mind being caged. Personally, it’s not for me, not enough home comforts.

I just wish my mistress would hurry up and come home. I’ve been without her for quite long enough. Of course, it is a comfort to know she feels the same way but I don’t think she understands what it’s like for me to be stuck here with a whole load of dogs for company. Playing tug with the other dogs is fun for a while, but where is the intelligent conversation? Where are the political arguments? How can you talk sensibly with a dog that thinks that a pat on the head is adequate payment for a hard day’s work? It is a sad indictment of my species that they are so little aware, or for that matter interested in the important issues affecting their welfare. It would be easier getting a group of cats to agree, than get most dogs to express opinions on current affairs. My task as leader of the Pet Dogs’ Democratic Party is a tough one. I am doing a service to all dogkind. I wonder if a dog has ever been knighted before. I might find a corgi or two ahead of me in the queue, for services to the royal family. But maybe one day I will be Sir Alfie Dog, in recognition of my unstinting work for all dogs. Well it’s unstinting between naps anyway.