Monday 31st December 2007

Helen has gone and my mistress now has a house full of boys to cope with. In some ways, it gives her more time to herself as long as she doesn’t take any notice of the noise levels and the fighting. I did ask if she could see her way to cooking the same quantities of food, as I don’t seem to be getting the level of scraps I was hoping for, but she wouldn’t agree to that.

It has dawned on me, largely prompted by the frenetic levels of activity that my mistress is undertaking, that it is now only a month until we leave Belgium. Apparently, I will be going a few days before my mistress, something to do with taking her car to a garage in London and them not wanting to have a dog sitting in it while they do the work. But if I’ve gone, who’s going to look after her? She did say that she would be staying with Matilda the cat for a couple of days, but I can’t see Matilda going out of her way to see that my mistress is all right. It’s my job to give her a cuddle when she’s sad. Quite apart from which, it is going to mean I have to show my master the ropes for taking me to England. He’s never done it before and now doesn’t seem like a good time to be learning. If anything goes wrong, he can’t just leave me here to pick up later if he isn’t actually coming back. I think I’m going to be worrying about this one. I know my mistress will give careful instructions but even that doesn’t always work.

Everyone wanted to go to the pictures yesterday but all the films that are on for young children are in Dutch and I don’t think as a family we are quite ready for that yet.