Wednesday 19th December 2007

I know the theory, Christmas presents are opened on Christmas day. Now let’s just get a bit of perspective on this shall we. The most exciting thing happens to me in as long as I remember and I am supposed to wait another few days before I can enjoy it. I’m a dog. I don’t have much of a conscience. I lack patience, and I can get away with being badly behaved. My friend Irena had only got through the front door when the smell of my Christmas present drift towards me. To be fair I didn’t even know at that point it was going to be for me, all I knew was that no one else would be getting anywhere near it if I could do anything about it. I had my nose in her bag before she had even got her coat off and I was told off for that. Then thank goodness she took things out of her bag and handed them to my mistress as Christmas presents. I was sure at that point she had said there was one for me, so I sat and wagged my tail as hard as I could. Then I heard my mistress say she would put them away until Christmas day. I tried the ‘pleading dog’ expression on my mistress but it didn’t work, so I tried it on Irena. Well that was great, my mistress decided she might like to see me enjoying the present. So I was presented with my first ever bone. Not a hide pretend bone, a real one. Oh, I just can’t find the words to describe the satisfaction. It is beyond my wildest dreams. My mistress had planned to take it away again after a few minutes and put it away until Christmas day but I had other ideas and frankly after she has seen just how strong my teeth were being able to chew bits off the bone, my mistress wasn’t going to argue with me on this one. Thank you Irena, it was the best Christmas present a dog could ever want. Sadly, it’s all gone now, but I am left with some happy bone shaped memories.