Monday 17th December 2007

I would rather that my mistress went Christmas shopping in England than played her dreadful Christmas music on a repeat cycle here in Belgium. Fortunately, you don’t seem to get the incessant “So here it is Merry Christmas…,” as you go from place to place in Belgium, but believe me, you do in our lounge! I spend my time with my paws very firmly over my ears but it doesn’t seem to make much difference, although the muffled version does sound much more like the English shops!

I am contemplating holding a Christmas party for the moles and covering their holes over whilst they are out celebrating. Even though a little man cleared them all up last week, we are back to 21 new holes and digging. This new breed of ‘super-mole’ does seem to have amazing digging abilities. That’s going some even by a dog’s standards. Given that I have noticed how the mud is all solid, cold and no longer squelchy, I can’t understand how they are getting their paws through it. Do you think they might have little mechanical rotivators down there?

I’m trying to keep out of my mistress’s way, her novel doesn’t seem to be going too well. I did try suggesting it might be better without the Christmas music on, but I only got a grunt in reply, at least I think that was my mistress. My master is away again so it wasn’t him, although he is more prone to grunting under normal circumstances, but that’s usually because the computer has done its own thing and won’t cooperate with him. My master seems under the mistaken impression that his computer has a mind of its own and thinks that when things go wrong it isn’t due to something he might have done. He seems to be waging a one man war against his computer and to be strictly honest I think the computer is the only one gaining any territory!