Sunday 16th December 2007

What a walk! It ended in an impromptu street party. There was me and Elvis and Cuckoo, all playing in the street. Elvis wasn’t on his lead so he was teasing the other two of us. We in turn were doing our best to tie our owners up with our leads so that we could get away. It was just brilliant. When I got home, I asked my mistress if I can have a leaving party just for my friends. I could invite Coco and Tanner and Mackensey and Spencer and then Elvis and Cuckoo. I realise it might be a bit much with three of them being puppies, but I would enjoy it. My mistress said she would see but apparently the problem is that the others haven’t been trained not to go on the pool cover. To be fair Elvis hasn’t been trained at all, he’s a free spirit and does his own thing. I think that is one of the things I really admire about him. Cuckoo was starting puppy classes last night so he isn’t going to be very trained yet either. I’ll have to work on my mistress a bit and see if I get anywhere. Perhaps if I worked on my master first, I could tell him he could come as another ‘friend’ to play with us all, rather than have to supervise our activities, that might just swing it in my direction.

One thing I am a bit concerned about, is that my owners are buying each other a new model railway for Christmas. That isn’t exactly the problem, it’s more that they are saying it is not for children to play with and I’m not sure which category I fall into. Am I for this purpose a two year old child of the family and will therefore be excluded or do they regard me as an adult dog and therefore allowed to play?