Sunday 11th November 2007

Why do humans eat ginger? Now I am off my diet I am begging for any scraps that anyone is daft enough to spare for me. So it was that I found my mistress eating a ginger biscuit. I didn’t like the ginger biscuits that she used to eat, a bit of an odd taste but not that strong. As this was a different type and the packet are completely different I didn’t really register that that was what she was eating. “Can I have one please?” I said. I do find it important to remember to say please. Well to cut a long story short, she gave in and gave me a corner of her biscuit. Of course I had eaten it before I realised just how strong a taste it was. I then spent the next five minutes coughing. My mistress took me to my water bowl and said, “have a drink it will help.” My response was to suggest she gave me something else to eat to take the taste away. That isn’t a mistake I want to make again in a hurry.

I have had a night at my grandparents, fighting with my mistress for a corner of a single bed. She was a bit fed up that I had got the rest of it and wouldn’t even let her have a corner, but that’s life when your dog is stronger than you! She gets the bed most of the time, I don’t know what she’s complaining about. Now I am supposed to be helping to load the car to do the final leg of the journey home to Belgium. It’s more fun watching.

It was more fun watching her wrap Christmas presents to leave here before she went. I was making helpful suggestions such as “if you’ve lost the Sellotape it’s because I’ve hidden it,” and “can I chew this paper?” I get the impression that this could be a really fun game if I were given time to get into it properly.