Thursday 25th October 2007

Not a good start to the day. I woke up feeling a little unwell and blow me if I didn’t decide to be sick. My mistress wasn’t too thrilled at 06.30 to woken by the sound of a vomiting dog. She woke up just in time to shout at me to get off her bed. I think English grass must be a bit richer than Belgian grass and harder to keep down. It might have been the chips though. I suppose I shall never know. Anyway, so here is my mistress trying to tidy the house up ready to sell. She is decorating and gardening and now it turns out, carpet cleaning as well. After all that I didn’t feel much like helping so I went back to bed and left my mistress to do the work. To be quite honest it has made me tired just looking at the list of things my mistress says she has to do. I have indicated the ones on the list that I think should be her priorities and they are going to the supermarket and taking me for a walk. After that I don’t really mind what order she does the others in, as long as she is not relying on my help.

We had a little drive round some of the areas we might live. There we were in the middle of nowhere when we came across a man stopping all the vehicles and collecting a toll. I did ask my mistress whether she thought he was legitimate. It looked very odd on this tiny country road, but he gave us a proper VAT receipt for our 40p, so unless he is a very enterprising individual I think he is supposed to be there. It could get very expensive to live there if we had to drive down that road very often.