Monday 15th October 2007

If we have many more sunny days I shall run out of things to moan about. I’m sure it is probably down to global warming and I ought to be jumping up and down and begging you not to create such a big problem, but from where I am sitting looking out of the window after chasing round the garden for ages I can’t help but think I rather like it. How do you get people to be concerned about a problem when it seems to be making life better? Maybe some parts of the world are having severe droughts and others maybe having worse storms, but sadly, in those parts of the world that can probably do most to change things, it is looking pretty good, if you discount the flooding. I’ve been wondering if the Pet Dogs Democratic Party should start widening its policies to cover such important areas as global warming. It is interesting to think about what the canine response to the problem might be. Now I would be the last one to stop people having open fires. There is nothing better than lying on the rug in front of a blazing log fire, and I mean nothing! I don’t want to start banning things that I enjoy, but I could put a tax on them. Perhaps a household should be taxed on the emissions from their way of life, based on some complex calculation of fuel usage, number of chimneys, and so on. It could take into account he number of cars they have and the distance travelled, compared of course to the efficiency of the engines. Then the tax people pay could go into planting lots of lovely trees for me to sniff and pee on. Thousands of acres could be turned over to woodland. Inner city sites that are no longer required for development could be turned into miniature woodlands.  There could be lines of trees down the central reservations of motorways, which works until they fall down across the road. If I really put my mind to it I could come up with a complete policy from a dog’s eye view.