Saturday 13th October 2007

That was my chew!

No sooner had I gone than I am back again. I really am a dog of the world, at least this small corner of it. The moles seem to have made the most of my absence, which is totally unacceptable but otherwise not a lot has changed in two days. Much as I was unsettled before I went away, I think the break has done me good. I always enjoy a visit to my grandparents, I get so spoilt. When I arrived I ran and got my toys out, having found where my granny had put them, all on my own. I went to see where my aunt worked too, which was good fun as it is a big park and there were lots of good things to smell. My aunt even said she was starting to quite like me, which is a significant improvement on how she did feel. I was all to do with a mix up when she came to my grandparents late one night and let herself in. We’d all gone to bed, so naturally, I thought it was a burglar and had her pinned in the corner of the room, whilst I growled at her. She was quite shaken. I was really sorry but you can never be too careful. Anyway, no harm done and we are almost friends now. I don’t often do the old guard dog impersonation, but every so often it is good to show you will stand up for humans if you need to. Most of the time I would much rather stand behind someone than be out in front growling, but there you go. Anyway, whilst we were gone my master set off for England once again. He took two attempts as he missed his plane on the first one, through no fault of his own I should point out. I hope he doesn’t miss his plane to come back to us tomorrow.