Friday 12th October 2007

As I had got a bit of time on my paws, I thought I would put together my list of dogs I would like added to the family, so that my master and mistress could take my ideas into account. I would really like one like my friend Elvis, sort of small and white. I would quite like a corgi, I get on very well with Spencer, but I don’t need to put that on the list as it is on my master’s list. I would obviously like another Entlebucher but that is already on my mistress’s list. The Bernese and the St Bernard have been vetoed and as part of the reason was size I’m guessing that rules out a Newfoundland. Going through the book of dogs is quite fun. It turns out there are loads of types of dogs I’ve never met yet. The Hungarian Puli looks quite good but having a dog with built in dreadlocks must be a nightmare when he shakes. I tried talking to my grandparents to get their ideas but my granddad said he hoped that bearded collie wasn’t on the list as the last one my mistress had, dug up the garden. Apparently he went through the greenhouse too, without using the door. I hadn’t the heart to tell him that in fact another one of those was on my mistress’s list and hadn’t been vetoed by my master, although after it had jumped into his Chinese takeaway, on his lap, on one occasion, I am surprised it made it onto the final shortlist!

I don’t mind coming to England, but I do miss sitting by a log fire in an evening. There is nothing like lying with your head on your paws, listening to the crackling of the wood, and seeing pictures of rabbits chasing each other in the flames.