Thursday 4th October 2007

Well time is just flying past. I’ve just realised it is October and that means it is my birthday next month. I would have almost caught up with Helen if you counted doggy years but she will stop being 14 at the same time I become 2 so I will take another couple of months to catch up. Spencer is now quite big, not as big of me of course but he can certainly run fast. It is when he runs through my legs that I get confused. I can still remember when his mum was bigger than me, although to be fair that wasn’t for very long. Even if the weather is bad it is nice to be able to run round with my doggy friends and not have to worry about just how muddy I am getting.

My mistress has gone to England by train. She was telling me how different train travel is here than in England. Here you assume the train will be on time and in England you assume it will be late. On the other hand, here first class is just a little bit more comfy and seems to be the way you travel if you book ahead rather than at the last minute, as it is no more expensive. In England first class costs more and is more exclusive and comes with extra services they don’t seem to give you in Belgium. Unfortunately, it is immaterial because she isn’t travelling first class as far as I know! She may just have told me she isn’t to make me feel better about being left behind, but I don’t think she would fib to me. She is usually fairly honest, or at least I think she is. Maybe she just covers up well.