Wednesday 3rd October 2007

Well I am amongst my doggy friends for a couple of days and all I can say is, it sure beats cities! It also beats being taken to the vet the other day because I have got ‘freckles’. When I say freckles it is more a case of areas of skin pigment changing colour on my chest. Its just that it has started to happen all of a sudden and is spreading. Well it makes you think and you can never be too careful. It took some doing to get me to agree to go and I did stand there quaking in the waiting room. Well I was worried for a minute that there might actually be something wrong, whereas I only normally go to the vet to have my passport signed so that I can travel. He was really nice and gave me a lot of fuss and told me not to worry, unless I mind turning into a dalmatian. Well of course I mind! They aren’t known for their intelligence and suave good looks. I’ll grant they can be quite cute but I’m happy being the breed I am. It’s fun not being so easily recognisable and having people come up and ask you. Although I nearly responded to the man who thought I might be a mongrel! How many mongrel’s does he know with perfectly even marking? Ok so the bit on my head is a bit wonky, but that doesn’t justify thinking I am a mongrel. I’m still trying to persuade my mistress to get me a puppy of my own, I had thought maybe I could have that as my second birthday present but I wasn’t thinking of a mongrel for that either, although I suppose giving a home to an animal in need might be rather nice.