Monday 1st October 2007

Well I’m still suffering from post-holiday blues. The rain hasn’t stopped and I miss the blue sky. Now that I can go out on my own and feel the grass beneath my feet, I don’t actually want to as the grass is all cold and wet. Perhaps looking down on the world from a balcony wasn’t so bad after all. It was quite fun trying to look at the world through the holes. I suppose it was a bit special staying at a place where famous people had stayed, though to be fair none of Napoleon, Tennessee Williams or Victor Hugo are famous amongst the dog world. Even dogs have heard of Pablo Picasso, and can appreciate his style. Some of his paintings look much as ours turn out, so we can identify with him. I think one of the problems is that I am missing my master too. It is a bit hard to come back and only have one human to attend to my ever desire. Although in general it was still my mistress who fed me and cleaned up after me, my master came in very handy for cuddling and making a fuss of me. He does the lounging around, stroking a dog thing awfully well. I have also been unimpressed to be left at home whilst my mistress goes out without me, that hardly happened at all while we were away. I suppose it might help if I were to agree to go out in the rain, perhaps that would help. I do need t go and have a look at what the moles have been up to, so I really ought to go out. Maybe a bit later, a bit of a nap first would help to build up my energy levels. Who am I kidding. I’m just going to watch the world from the comfort of my window seat, just as I do every other day.