Sunday 30th September 2007

My mistress tells me that it’s always the same. Now I am looking back on the holiday from a safe distance, I am starting to think that maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. Now don’t get me wrong, I still didn’t like the traffic and the dirt and there were too many people and too many loud noises, but I did like the good weather and I did like the sight of the sea. I’m not really sure why people rave about the sound of church bells. They may sound very quaint from a  distance but if you are standing right next to them when they decide to ring it does come as something of a surprise, not as much of a surprise as the ‘midday cannon’ or for that matter waves. I don’t wear a watch and to be honest I don’t look at the clock all that often. I know when it is time to get up and what time food is due without any assistance. I didn’t have any build up to the loud bang that occurred at noon each day. If I lived there long enough I would get the hang of it and build it into my schedule ’11.58 hide under duvet’, but every day it caught me by surprise. Waves are another matter entirely. Whoever said the beach was fun. There you stand minding your own business when for no particular reason the water tries to ‘get you’. I think someone ought to do something about it.

Now that I am back here, watching the falling rain, all I can do is think about the good bits and wish the sun would come out. My mistress says this is ‘post-holiday’ blues and the best thing to do is simply get on with things. I just can’t find many things to get on with.