Saturday 22nd September 2007

I suppose that will teach me a lesson. It was all well and good me laughing at the children having a day of culture inflicted on them whilst they were on holiday but now it seems it is my turn. There is this mediaeval hilltop village with lots of cobbled streets and lots and lots of art galleries. Have you ever tried walking on cobbles with bare paws? It really is very uncomfortable; you keep finding odd toes going down between the stones. Then there is a question of what a dog wants with a load of art galleries. I don’t see in colour and I am not designed in a way to stand back and admire a picture that is straight in front of me. I thought some of the sculptures had the potential of being good peeing stations but that seemed to be frowned upon as a concept. Looking on the bright side they could have taken me to the place that is renowned for its glass blowing. That would not only have been boring for a dog but there would have been a much higher risk of my breaking something.

On a brighter note my mistress is enjoying using her new camera and I am not above posing for a photo. In fact when she has it on movie mode I am quite happy to play to the camera and imagine myself to be a movie star. At the moment we are filming ‘Superhero Alfie in the South of France’, I was considering ‘Agent Alfie’ or ‘Alfie Dog Private Eye’ but I think they will have to come later on in my career. I do like to make sure my mistress films my best side, although it would help if I could decide which side was my best, they are both pretty good from where I am standing.