Thursday 20th September 2007

At last I am in Nice. After nagging and nagging right from being a tiny puppy that I wanted to go with them to Nice, I am finally here. They don’t call it the Cote d’Azur for nothing. I don’t mean they charge you to call it that, I mean the sea is really blue. It looks like someone has spilt blue dye into it. Of course it is possible there may be some chemical plant in the vicinity that has done just that but I haven’t spotted any and my mistress says it is always that colour. Mind you, when you think about colour, I couldn’t believe how red the rocks of L’Esterel area are. It was a bit like ‘Wild West meets the Mediterranean’. I was almost imagining cowboys to come riding out from amongst the rocks.

I am disappointed to find it isn’t a sandy beach. It is a bit hard to use your bucket and spade with large pebbles. It is even harder where you aren’t allowed on the beach in the first place. What do they think I’m going to do? I can be at least as well behaved as the children that are allowed down there and as long as my mistress walks me first, I won’t need to go to the toilet whilst I am there. I do hope she finds some that I can go to.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about the things I want to do while I am here, but to be honest I had no idea at that point how much fun it would be sliding round the floors of the apartment. It seems a waste to go out, when I can have so much fun here. It would be even more fun if my mistress would let me borrow the tea-towel to use as a mat. Sometimes she is no fun at all.