Friday 7th September 2007

Well just as it turns cold, you find the ‘centrale verwarming’ isn’t verwarming! Every time you restart the pilot light, it stays on long enough to lull you into a false sense of security so that you walk away and go downstairs, before switching itself back off. Thankfully, the men came to fix it immediately. However alarmingly they said the safety cut-off was causing the problem, so it seems they have disconnected it and will order a new one. Now to my simple way of thinking there is another option. Maybe the safety cut-off was kicking in because there  is something else wrong and it is doing it for ‘safety’! So now I am a warm but worried dog!!!

To get warm when it wasn’t working my mistress went out to Ikea. She left me here, which seemed a little unfair but only from the warmth perspective. She went to buy a chair for herself. Big softy that she is she came back having bought the chair for herself, the matching foot stool so that I can sit on her legs and a mini version of the chair for Andy, because ‘it looked cute’. Women!

My paternal grandparents are coming to stay from this evening so there will be more people to fuss me. I am waiting to see if their day trips will be including or excluding their faithful dog. Although there is still a significant amount of discussion going on as to what the day trips will be. It seems to have been agreed that it will be Gent on Sunday, but I’ve already done that one so I am not so bothered. My master is pushing for the Waterloo battlefield or a military museum for Saturday and my mistress is pushing for just about anything else. At least Waterloo is outdoors, but to be honest it probably isn’t the weather for it, unless you are my master in which case there is no weather that would put him off!