Monday 3rd September 2007

I don’t feel so bad as it was more a ‘writers half a group’ yesterday, with members having been called away at the last minute to the Canary Islands, Netherlands, and America, none for pleasure either! But then they always say ‘small is beautiful’. Of course in this context ‘they’ are usually 4’ 8” tall and wear tiny shoes. If you are 6’6” and have huge feet there is unlikely to be much comfort in the saying.


We hit the last straw on the mole front this weekend. As my mistress stood at the window a little snout actually had the nerve to come out of the ground in front of her before proceeding to start flinging dirt up into the air to form a neat pile. There is only one thing to do in this situation and my mistress did it. She strode out into the garden and took the solar powered ‘sonar mole repellent’ from out of the border and stuck it in the middle of the hole that was being dug. A little optimistically if you ask me, as we haven’t had any sun to power it for goodness knows how long. I guess the best she can hope for is that she will have speared the mole with the stick in the process. It has certainly been quiet on the mole front for the last few hours so maybe it has at least got a headache.

Optimistically my mistress set herself ‘goals for the next three months’ at the weekend. Frankly I feel tired just looking at them. I suppose it is good to have goals but it is so disappointing to fall short of them all the time that I prefer to avoid setting them in the first place. When I do set them I try to ensure they are achievable, such as ‘I will be enthusiastic about every eating opportunity’, ‘ I will get plenty of rest’, that sort of thing. It makes achieving your goals so much more enjoyable.