Sunday 2nd September 2007

Now having a bar b q for everyone who lives on the road might be a great idea, but why was I only taken along after all the food had gone and most people had gone home? Elvis was still there so it was great to catch up with him. My mistress said I couldn’t go earlier because the dog I don’t get on with was there and given I have no road sense and a slight tendency to go off on my own given half a chance, she thought it was best that I stay at home until she could keep an eye on me. The funniest part of the evening, although I wasn’t actually there when it happened, was the point that a fire engine turned up. My mistress thinks it had probably been doing a routine check of a hydrant up the road, but there was an awful moment when they thought they were going to be told that they couldn’t have their bar b q’s lit out in the street. The firemen did have a laugh and a joke about it, but at the joke was in Flemish my mistress had to guess what they might be saying. It was a really good way to get everyone together and as they brought their own food and drink it didn’t take much to organise. It’s a shame that the summer is over as it would be fun to have another one in a few weeks, but it might be very wet and it would certainly be very dark.

Continuing on the theme of being left out, my mistress is off to her writers group again, without me! How long will it be before she lets me join? At least I have the offer of a nice long walk as a compensation and guilt offering. I just need to decide whether to take it up or not.