Thursday 16th August 2007

There are so many things I haven’t got round to telling you. In the end a new passport was secured for Helen and she was able to fly out and join everyone else. I think she had proved to the passport office that she wasn’t a threat to national security and that she did deserve to go on holiday and everyone ended up happy. I had come away before she arrived so I haven’t seen her yet, but as I am off home again soon, I shall have plenty of chance to annoy her.

I also haven’t told you that I have a new bed. To be honest this is even more exciting than Helen arriving. It is big enough to fit all of me in, and snuggle down into the corners. It has a lovely cushion with a big bone sewn on it. The biggest problem of the bone is when I go for a nap, it can make me feel a little peckish. The best bit is that there is almost enough room for my mistress to get in with me and I have tried suggesting to her that she might like to try. Funnily enough she seems less keen.

Well I suppose I had better start to prepare myself for going home. It has been great playing with lots of other dogs but I do miss my owners. What I haven’t missed is being called at from all directions “Alfie come”, “Alfie go away”, “Alfie fetch”, “Alfie sit” and sometimes it is all of them at once. What is a poor dog to do? I think my mistress should pick me up and that we should go somewhere else together for a few days until it all calms down. I don’t think my master would be very happy though.